the tertiary electrical octopus

The solution for your tertiary construction sites


the tertiary octopus

This type of octopus is mainly used for tertiary sector premises such as hotels, classrooms, hospitals, EHPAD, banking establishments, offices and other ERP of this type. These octopuses, specially designed for tertiary sector sites, facilitate BMS (Building Management System) and feature customized functions.

Octopuses for the service sector have a number of specific features. These mainly concern lighting and plugs (and may also include fire and emergency calls). Cables are unsheathed, and low-current is hard-wired. There are also modules in the boxes, as well as markings on the inner and outer boxes. Finally, there are connectors on the arms and mounting brackets (cut by a local company).

the many advantages of the tertiary octopus

PREFABAT - Traileuse pieuvre
  • Up to 40% time savings on site
  • Savings and optimization of raw materials
  • Less drudgery on site
  • A solution tailored to your needs
  • Our design office carries out your custom pre-project studies
  • Quick quotation and delivery

an octopus specially designed for the tertiary sector

Pieuvre démo tertiaire

Our project managers carry out a technical review prior to each project. As with our residential octopus products, we adapt to the specific technical requirements of each project. For example, this may concern heights or the position of passage points, always with the aim of saving you installation time and therefore installation costs.

Last but not least, we supply the octopus plans that correspond to the job site, and label the boxes in compliance with the regulations in force for tertiary sector sites.


retirement homes and hospitals
other public-access establishments
Tertiary renovations

Whether the octopus is for commercial or residential use, it’s always made-to-measure. The basic principle remains adaptability to the plans and specifics of the site. Our previous projects in the commercial sector have enabled us to develop our skills in this type of project, and to develop our own processes.

We also master more recent technologies, such as DALI or KNX lighting, and keep abreast of technological developments in the sector.

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