the electric octopus housing

The solution for your multi-family and single-family housing projects


The solution for your housing projects

We are able to manage the entire range of octopus housing projects, whether multi-family or single-family dwellings.

Our comprehensive services enable us to equip common areas (parking lots, basements, levels, etc.), as well as the interior of housing units, from the first to the last level (including suspended ceilings). We can integrate high and low voltage (CFO-CFA) as well as specialized lines according to the plans, specifications and standards in force.

To offer a complete range of services, we also provide other complementary services, such as quotations tailored to your needs, for « levels » and « elevations », for the manufacture of pre-slabs, for the installation of covers on full slabs, for the installation of false ceiling octopuses…


  • Up to 40% time savings on site
  • Optimizing site costs
  • Less drudgery on site
  • Compliance with NF C 15-100 standard
  • Easy octopus installation
  • Appropriate advice and techniques
Pieuvre logement

a detailed housing technical point

Pieuvre de démo logement
Before designing the octopus, our design engineers contact each customer to carry out a detailed technical review. This technical briefing enables us to draw up specifications covering all the elements required for the octopus to be manufactured. These include, for example, the type of slab, the type of wire required, the customer’s work habits and the various specialized lines.

In this way, PREFABAT equips more than 25,000 homes with octopuses every year.

the housing octopus to equip :

individual housing
multi-family housing

Our expertise and know-how have enabled us to establish ourselves as a major player in the electrical octopus market.

Thanks to our centralized corporate structure, all our departments operate under the same roof, fostering fluid communication and coordination between departments. This proximity reinforces our corporate culture, with a direct impact on the quality of our services.

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