the electrical octopus

the customized solution for your worksites


the octopus for your construction sites

An electrical octopus (also known as an electrical spider) is a complete pre-wired custom installation. It consists of electrical wires pre-wired in sheaths and organized to supply all the electrical equipment required for a dwelling or building. The octopus has a junction box that receives the electricity and distributes it to the various devices.

Electrical octopuses are tailor-made according to the building plans. Once designed and manufactured, they are ready for easy installation, accompanied by a detailed plan showing the precise position of each component.

where does the octopus come from?

The concept of the electric octopus was invented in 1944 by Mr. ARTHUR WILLIAM MARSHALL ARTLEY in Great Britain. Inspired by the octopus, he registered a patent called « OCTOPUS », in reference to its resemblance to the animal. It features the octopus’s tentacles, but also its intelligence, synonymous with a clever concept.

Three years later, the electric octopus appeared in France, where it quickly became a household name. Easy, practical and quick to install, the concept has proved its worth! Today, the octopus is widely democratized and can be found on many residential and commercial sites.

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the octopus and its advantages

advantages of octopus

The use of electric octopuses saves you precious time on site! We estimate that installation time can be reduced by up to 40% compared with conventional installation, while minimizing the risk of errors.


        Our octopuses are made-to-measure, which considerably reduces your on-site costs. Installation time is reduced and raw material consumption optimized. We estimate that the use of electric octopus can reduce installation costs by 50% compared with conventional methods.

              • ADAPTABILITY

              We know that every project is unique and has its own specific features. That’s why our design office rigorously examines every project and adapts to the particularities of each situation. Our octopuses are tailor-made, designed and manufactured according to your plans and requirements.

                    • EASY TO INSTALL

                    Our electrical octopuses are supplied labeled and accompanied by an installation plan, enabling quick and easy on-site installation. Installation is accessible to all, and can be carried out by personnel with little electrical experience. This simplicity of installation also makes on-site work less arduous.

                          • STANDARDS COMPLIANCE

                          All our octopuses comply with current electrical standards. Our teams are constantly keeping abreast of new regulations to ensure that our products are compliant and remain at the forefront of the industry.

                                the quality octopuses

                                The quality of our products is our top priority, central to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

                                When designing our octopuses, we pay careful attention to the particularities of each project. This includes not only analysis of the plans, but also of the specific requirements and technical constraints of the site, not forgetting their compliance with current standards.

                                That’s why, prior to each project, our design engineers take the time to conduct in-depth interviews with each customer. Not only does this allow us to take a detailed look at the project, it also enables us to guide the customer and optimize the technical solutions for the site together.

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                                PREFABAT - Joueur basket pieuvre

                                the right octopus for you

                                We can offer you electrical octopuses for all types of site, from residential to commercial buildings, for new construction or renovation.

                                PIEUVRE LOGEMENT


                                Design of electrical octopuses for multi-family housing.

                                PIEUVRE TERTIAIRE


                                Design of electrical octopuses capable of equipping construction sites such as hotels, schools, clinics, prisons, offices and other similar structures.